Fashion is part of the graphic section of video games. The graphic section influences the immersion of the player. Clothes are one more element. It delimits the very personality of the characters, whether you embody them or not. Concept art often shows much more imaginative and detailed designs than the final product. For instance, clothing can influence the Best build for each hero based on their talent trees. This is because with just a glance you are able to know what kind of characters you are dealing with.

Fashion for video game characters

In creating a video game, concept artists first show what a character will look like. The first designs are usually much more original and detailed than the final result, in addition to offering variables such as different haircuts. During the development of the game, the design is simplified to optimize both modeling and animation, as well as not overload the player’s view with so much detail.

The style of the characters may or may not be unique depending on their status in the narrative. Designers can create a repeating design for minor characters or enemies.

Personalization allows the player to understand how a character perceives themselves.

COD Talent Trees

Video games become a platform to promote fashion

Many young people find video games to be a perfect way to relax after a hard day. They immerse themselves in the action of these games and often identify with their characters. So it came to be that the characters in the video games are not only “performing”, but also look good.

Virtual outfits and accessories with which you can dress up your character have become a must in the gaming world.

It’s a trend, but not a trend that fades over time. On the contrary, it is gaining more and more popularity. For players, it is a way of expression. The fact that you can dress up your character as you like stimulates the imagination.

Fashion and aesthetic influences on clothing are factors to take into account both when creating characters and interpreting them. Fashion brands have understood that they are one more cultural icon and therefore seek to reach the video game audience. And the creators of video games have not been left behind. They have understood that costume design is a section that must be cared for and studied, not only to convey who the character is but also as part of the aesthetics and the world they create.