The fashion industry is a huge part of the global economy.

In 2014, the global clothing and footwear market was worth $1.6 trillion, and the leather goods market was worth $110 billion. In 2015, the fashion industry employed twice as many people worldwide as the automotive industry did.

But the job of a fashion designer is not just about creating beautiful clothes.

Responsibilities of a Fashion Designer

Fashion designers have a number of responsibilities to be successful at their job, including:

  • Being able to sketch new designs on paper or a computer
  • Championing a brand’s identity by producing high quality work
  • Collaborating with an in-house team to produce collections of work for clients

It’s not for Everyone

Fashion is an expensive industry. Fashion designers are creative and talented people who work hard to come up with something different than what others have already done in their field. They come up with trends that just become the talk of the industry.