French fashion is iconic as the mere reference to a style as French, instantly brings to mind an assembly of carefully selected pieces of classy and tasteful clothing. In France, women are considered fashionably dressed if they are able to achieve the look of being dressed up without an air of haughtiness, while feeling confident and nonchalant over their appearance. It’s a fashion statement called “chic décontracté” or smart casual in French.

Although there’s a misconception that the term “avant garde” generally refers to French fashion that is outlandish in style, the term merely means new and bold ideas that make use of expensive, attractive and colorful materials.

French fashion history tells of its extravagant origin during King Louis XIV’s reign, but it was the rebellion against such extravagance that influenced the true concept of French fashion through the years. Take notice of how French women are never overdressed or underdressed. Mainly because they follow a set of guidelines to achieve the simple, clean and effortless style of dressing up.

Some Guidelines on How to Dress Up Fashionably like French Women

Since simplicity and not maximalism is the main essence of French fashion, the first important rule is to buy timeless clothing pieces of better quality. It doesn’t matter if you do not have a collection of all the fashionable items that came and went out of style.

Eclectically mix dress-up pieces with casual items by deriving ideas from different fashion gurus and brands.

That being the case, avoid sticking to a single brand or buying from a single outlet. This to avoid making your style identifiable and associated with a particular garment provider who will pin you to a single style of choosing your clothes.

Wear proper clothes in proper places and occasions; such as not going to the supermarket still wearing pajamas or activewear garments like gym or yoga pants. As a matter of fact, the French disapprove of this style of dressing.

Neutral colors are popular preferences among French women because they are easier to mix and match into sleek and chic ensembles.

While blue jeans are a staple outfit, it’s important to wear one that has the right cut and fit. Blue jeans dress-up pieces are tasteful if they are not too loose or not too tight-fitting; or grungy-looking for the occasion.
French style of dressing may seem safe or boring for some but its minimalistic essence makes French fashion effective in creating a classy and flattering look on anyone.

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