A renovation of the kitchen is usually quite rare and the kitchen is chosen for a long period of time. Therefore, it is important to think carefully about everything and plan what solutions are important and comfortable for your family, even after many years. Likewise, it is worth choosing qualitative and durable solutions for cabinets that do not immediately show signs of wear. At Highland Cabinetry, you can find not only fashionable cabinets but on sale products that are of high quality yet affordable.

Highland Cabinetry

Fashionable island in the kitchen

A comfortable and fashionable kitchen island might also fit into the kitchen, on the edge of which guests can be pleasantly entertained on bar stools while you prepare the meal yourself. In this case, it is also necessary to consider the plumbing, electrical wiring, and drainage that must be installed before the arrival of the kitchen furniture. The good thing about all-wood cabinets and furniture is that you can combine them in any color for your kitchen island.

The work surface is the cherry on the cake

Once the furniture has been selected, the choice of worktop that will unite the kitchen furniture into one is also important. By the time you start selecting the work surface and inviting the surveyor to measure the work surface, the furniture should already be fully installed.

Unless the cabinets are permanently installed, plumb, or properly secured at the time of measurement, the work surface may not fit in place with millimeter precision. Not to mention, if the cabinets aren’t level or secured, and the sink cabinet is tilted the wrong way, then there could be problems with the sink drainage later on. In terms of materials, it is very good to have a surface made of granite.

The right light in the kitchen

Once the furniture and the material of the work surfaces have been selected, it is important to think through the question of lighting the kitchen. Since the food preparation that takes place in the kitchen requires good lighting, a properly lit work surface is most important. If the lighting is from behind, you cannot see properly when cutting, and using a sharp knife can even prove dangerous. That is why spotlights built into the upper cabinets are very popular, they effectively illuminate the work surface.

Better lights are more suitable over a table or a kitchen island. A special coziness can be created if you can dim the lighting in order to be able to use a more romantic and fashionable light when you have dinner at the table.