You can use a wardrobe full of favourite pieces to combine outfits in many ways. Immediately, this makes beautiful attires possible for every occasion. Whether for the office, the playground or if you have a spontaneous appointment with friends at the theatre or in the restaurant.

Most important tips for combining

Know your closet

You must know your own closet inside and out. For this, it is necessary to regularly carry out a cloakroom check twice a year. Only if you know what you have, you know what is missing and can shop with your head.

Create a good basic wardrobe

The majority of your wardrobe should consist of simple, solid colour garments in basic colours. Examples of this are dark blue trousers, perfectly fitting blue jeans, a white blouse, and a simple dress in black or dark blue. Due to their minimalism, these garments will not set an unyielding style. That is significant in order to combine them in many different ways. With expertly selected accessories and other items of clothing, outfits can be created for different occasions.

Your colour concept for combiningInverseGeek

Your wardrobe should contain 4 to 6 basic colours and a number of accent colours. The accent colours are ideally your WOW colours. In other words, colours that suit you perfectly.  Basic colours form the BASIS for your wardrobe. There are achromatic colours like white, black and grey, as well as neutral colours like dark blue and beige. You can flexibly combine these colours with each other or with all your accent colours.

Know your figure type and the best cuts

The cut and shape of your clothing should suit you perfectly if you want to create a wardrobe that you can combine in a variety of ways. Your individual figure plays the main role here. The cut of the clothes should emphasize your strengths.

Get inspired

Even a Tom Ford will not wake up every morning with a head full of new ideas. Be inspired and use creative techniques. Get ideas from good fashion catalogues, online shops, Instagram and Pinterest. If you want to set up an online shop, InverseGeek will help you get through the intricate digital world with ease. So, collect ideas and before you know it, you’ll bring out that talent for fashion in you.