As your dependence on social media grows, you are more influenced than ever by what you see online. This is especially true when it comes to fashion.

In recent years fashion has been presented through catwalk shows and glossy magazines. Through these controlled networks, they keep fashion exclusive. Designers and magazine editors determine fashion. However, it is now a whole different story.

With platforms such as Instagram, you can essentially become your own magazine editors and share your particular style with supposedly millions of users. While catwalks and glossies are still a part of today’s fashion world, fashion is more fluid and interactive than ever. It is transforming the way fashion brands unite with their core audiences. People check fashion brands having numerous Instagram likes.

Instagram likes

Social media: A new market for the fashion industry

Fashionistas no longer rely on the latest issue of Vogue to tell them what’s hot this season. It’s all about social media.

Overall, millennia are considered less trustworthy than traditional forms of advertising, which are often perceived as overplanned and misleading. In the fashion world, this means that advertising campaigns and magazines no longer have the impact they once had. They are now understood as quite distant from the reader.  Many are familiar with the editing that takes place behind a shot.

As an alternative, peer references are more appreciated and reachable than they used to be. Of course, you’ve heard about the power of word of mouth. With social media and its ability to spread quickly across countries, it’s more important than ever.

It’s not surprising that so many fashion brands are focusing much of their marketing strategy on Instagram. Even luxury trademarks that once avoided social media for fear of cheapening their appearance are jumping on the digital movement.

Increased brand participation through social media

Social media enables fashion companies to interact with their customers on a level they have not been able to achieve before.

Fashion shows are an example of this. Once an exclusive event for the fashion industry’s elite and top names, many of the catwalk shows are now live for millions of people to watch. Access to the latest fashion lines from designers was often something you could only learn about through magazines and the press. However, now you can keep up with the latest fashion by monitoring the content.