Designer clothes


Few people are immune to designer garments. Which lady does not appreciate a dress by Jil Sander or Escada, who blocks herself from a suit by Karl Lagerfeld or Giorgio Armani, doesn’t get weak with a cocktail dress by Christian Dior, or an evening dress by Versace? Nevertheless, despite all the love for the unusual pieces of jewelry, the care of the same is often neglected or it is tried to lend a hand. As a textile cleaner, I consider this, how could it be otherwise, to be a sin, to be classified immediately after mortal sins? Who jacks up his Ferrari in the garage and then lies smeared and tinkering underneath?

Cleaning designer clothing requires delicate care. So, hiring people specialized in cleaning these garments is often the best option, much like hiring a mattress cleaning service in Singapore for your bed fabrics. This is to avoid premature tarnishing of the fabric.

Not infrequently, this happens with clothing during the first seconds of shock, after the glass of red wine has tipped over and the new Benetton sweater has gotten something. Your hand automatically takes over the regiment and the next sentence spreader is unerringly captured, and the fresh stain is already seasoned with a vast amount of salt. You pause excitedly for a few seconds and examine the result.

The salt crystals absorb some wine liquid, and some of the crystals dissolve and disappear.

Already the command follows brain on legs – quickly go to the nearest toilet – hardly arrived in the washroom, the tap turned on, probably also the hot water tap, the next paper towel bludgeoned, held underwater, and so armed, with a good portion of contempt, the stain moved to the stain.

After some emotionally charged scrubbing attacks, you already have the first present. The wine stain is slightly lighter, area of attack is matted.

Somewhat annoyed, you return to your table.

Fortunately, you are in good company and have soon forgotten the incident, so it will still be a nice evening. At home, you will inevitably be reminded of this when you take off your sweater. You look at the small battlefield on the sweater, run your hand over it and discover some scratching corpses. What is that? They take a closer look at the area and discover small salt crystals that cannot be swept away by hand. You pick up your clothes brush, but the salt crystals are persistent, they just can’t be brushed away.

The sweater is dry again, why does the salt stick to the wool? But it’s not that easy to give up! You go to your desk, get your magnifying glass, turn on your desk lamp and look at the slightly faded wine stain under the magnifying glass. Now the battlefield is fully visible. Compared to the surrounding tissue, the matted area looks as if a bomb had hit it. Individual wool fibers protrude from the mesh and everywhere are salt crystals, which, as you discover on closer inspection, have enclosed single or several wool fibers. At that moment you realize what happened!


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The salt dissolved in the wine and water, and when the liquid evaporated and the place became dry again, the salt crystallized again, enclosing adjacent wool fibers.

Unfortunately, many are only now thinking about cleaning.

What can we do for you now? Is the good piece still to be cleaned?

Well, the salt is safe to remove. The wine stain may also be if the water used in the washroom was not too hot. Remember, salt or vinegar are acidic and are used in conjunction with high water temperature to fix the color of a dyed textile. If the water was not too hot and you do not leave the sweater too long, so that the oxygen in the air completes the fixation, we could also remove the red wine stain. But unfortunately, the matted area cannot be completely restored!

Well, it’s not the end of the world, but it could have gone differently. Simply dab with a napkin, do not rub, and take to the cleaning the next day.

So, never treat your beautiful Valentino tie with sparkling water because you accidentally dipped it into the soup. Water is poison for your designer tie and the carbonic acid in the fizz is acidic and could fix stains, in addition, food stains are usually greasy and do not dissolve in the water.

Take care of your light, white Gucci summer jacket and take it to the dry cleaner of your choice, at the latest before you put it away over the winter, otherwise yellowing will occur that cannot be removed months later.

If you don’t know which cleaning is the right one, ask your fashion house where you can put your designer clothes in the dry cleaners.

Keeping calm is certainly not easy when a cup of coffee pours over the €2,000.00 expensive Armani suit, even if you can tolerate the heat. Nevertheless, this is your best option. Take some napkins, dab the spot (do not rub), and just keep celebrating. This is better and disproportionately cheaper than anything else you could do. In addition, it is more confident than running to the next washroom as if bitten by a snake. The next working day, take your suit to dry cleaning.