Creating fashion tips content


It’s always hard to get to the top of Google, let alone a general search term like [fashion blog].

When I searched for ‘fashion blog’ on, I found a fashion blog by Chloë Sterk on the first page of Google.

Let’s see what she uses for SEO, to get to the first page of Google (at the time I searched, she was number 3 on the list).

Some SEO tips can take your own SEO to a higher level:

  • Put your keywords in your Meta title
  • Repeat your keyword in your content.
  • Chloë’s blog has 3000 other websites that link to her 백링크 (backlink)

SEO tip 1 for a fashion blogger: keywords in Meta-title

Chloë uses the Dutch word [Mode Blog] instead of [Fashion Blog] in her Meta title. You can see what your meta title is by hovering your mouse over the tab at the top of the browser. Then a yellow field will appear with your Meta title. With Chloë it is: [Fashion blog of fashionista Chloë].

The Meta title is also the title that you see in the Google search results.

Because the word FASHION is a translation of FASHION, Google shows this search result here. In other words, Google certainly sees synonyms or translations. However, it is more convenient to also use the word FASHION in your Meta-title to get even higher in the search results, when searching for [FASHION BLOG]. A meta-title can be changed in WordPress by e.g. using SEO plugin from Yoast.

Why would you rather HAVE FASHION BLOG than FASHION BLOG? Because even in the Netherlands more people search on [Fashion Blog] than on [Fashion blog]. You can research below by viewing this in the Google Adwords keyword planner.


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SEO tip 2 for a fashion blogger: use your keywords in your content.

Chloë often uses the word [FASHION] on the homepage of her blog in elements such as alternative texts of images or headings. (About all elements a new blog will follow soon or check out the SEO online training). The number of times she lets [FASHION] come back does not exceed the maximum amount of 3 – 5% of the use of a keyword (-set). You can check this, for example, by copying and pasting the text of your website into wordcounter. Then you can see on the right what percentage of words you use on the page.

SEO tip 3 for a fashion blogger: backlinks to your blog

Backlinks are links from other websites that link to your website/blog. The more links you get to your website, the more valuable you will be to Google. As a fashion blogger, this is very easy to achieve. If you have good content, people are more likely to place your link on their own website. It is best to do it as naturally as possible so that articles are written about you and that they link to you. But you can also do it a little more ‘unnatural’. Then it is useful to ask website owners if your link can be on their page.