Alessandro Michele has stepped down after being Gucci’s creative director for eight years. Throughout that time, he contributed to the Italian fashion house turning around its fortunes.


In a statement released on Wednesday, November 23, 2022, Michele, who joined Gucci in 2002, said: that there will be times when paths diverge due to the unique viewpoints that each person may possess. He added, starting that day his extraordinary journey in the brand to which he had dreamed, envisioned, and dedicated all his love and creative passion with his co-workers in the company came to an end.


Discover the Outstanding Performance of Alessandro Michele


Alessandro Michele was unexpectedly promoted to the top position at Gucci in 2015 despite only joining as a handbag designer at the company with no prior experience running a well-known brand. From then, he initiated a significant redesign of the brand’s identity because it appeared that its relevance was declining.

Michele started a period of vibrant, maximalist designs. He reinterpreted Renaissance art through its clothing design and hosted extravagant runway performances held at iconic historical venues. He embraced the wealthy history of a brand that he named after his most well-known designs of the Greek wine god Dionysus, the Dionysus handbag.