There are quite a few people on YouTube who will take you with them on their journey to a sustainable lifestyle. Be it fair fashion, natural cosmetics, veganism, zero waste, minimalism, or self-discovery, all niches are filled.

Fair fashion by Maren

Maren from Hamburg takes the community of her YouTube channel “by Maren” on their journey to a sustainable and minimalist wardrobe that should consist exclusively of favorite items. For a good year now, she has been uploading videos in which she upgrades and re-sews old items of clothing in line with the latest trends, presents fair fashion brands, and provides tips for your own capsule wardrobe. She uploaded the first video of her exciting journey on May 31, 2020.

Natural cosmetics with Talisa Minoush

Talisa Minoush has been reporting on sustainability, veganism, and conscious consumption on YouTube and Instagram since 2015. Her range of topics is, as she herself writes, “as colorful as life itself”. Her passion is natural cosmetics. She regularly presents her favorite cosmetics, demonstrates her 100% vegan everyday make-up, and how to remove make-up sustainably. For several years she has fulfilled her wish to found a sustainable label and sells sustainable and vegan scented candles.

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Make the world less trashy because Trash is for Tossers

On her YouTube channel “Trash is for Tossers “, the American Lauren Singer has been proving since 2015 that a zero-waste lifestyle is easy, inexpensive, and entertaining. On her blog of the same name, which has been online since 2014, she gives the community tips and tricks on how to avoid waste. You can check her video blog and use safe youtube to mp3 if you want to convert it into audio files.

All or nothing: rethinknation and Andrea Morgenstern

On his YouTube channel, Yannick from rethinknation combines, among other things, reviews of sustainable sneakers and backpacks, satisfactory and less satisfactory fair fashion brands, comparisons of food in terms of CO 2 emissions, and exciting self-experiments. He started in 2016 with a focus on fair fashion, meanwhile, he also presents his community with alternatives to plastic bottles and fair smartphones, and occasionally encourages reflection with philosophical videos.

Andrea Morgenstern discusses topics such as vegan nutrition, personal development, animal-free cosmetics, sustainable fashion, and other sustainable things on her channel of the same name. She describes her YouTube channel as a colorful mix in which “but there is always something for the heart and mind”. Her current focus is on personal development and self-discovery, which is no less important for a happy and conscious life that resonates for a long time.