We all remember Coachella’s past hippie floral hats and earth-like tones. Coachella fashion will now shift away from conventional “free-spirited” styles and toward a “contemporary edge,” as shown by TikTok influencers. It includes varied hues of purple, glitzed fabrics, beachwear, fringe appearances, and diverse pieces.

Here are some of the fashion trends from Tiktok that we were also displayed at the Coachella Festival:

Rhinestone Frayed Cowboy Hat

As per TikTok, a vintage cowboy fashion hat first with a tassel rhinestone finish will make a reappearance this year. Festivalgoers are designed to adapt it with the “contemporary flower crown,” which will be worn with a slide dress and cowboy boots, according to fashion influencers.

Crochet Sets and Dresses

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, DIYers popularized crotchet swimsuits, bags, and bucket hats, as a daily fashion trend.

A touch of vibrant and floral patches to carry you off throughout the day ’til night will be particularly popular among festivalgoers.

Makeup and Hair Inspired by Euphoria

Anything “euphoria“-themed appears to be equated with Coachella for the year. So, get out the glittering eyeliner and find a girlfriend who can twist your hair. Hairstyles with embellishments such as florals, butterfly clips, pearls, barrettes, and/or many pigtail ties and tresses buns for a psychedelic look are also predicted on TikTok. For a full music festival look, pair it with a bright eyeliner or shiny frosted eyeshadow.