The industry’s problems extend further than carbon footprint; the worldwide upheaval created by the Covid-19 outbreak resulted in new customer behaviors in a variety of retail industries, including fashion.

Because of the digital economy’s fast transition, as well as growing concerns about fair pay, inclusion, and ethical working conditions, the sector must move beyond the flimsy precautions put in place before to the pandemic if it is to maintain its market share in this changing environment.

As a result, the sector must make deliberate efforts to become more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and adaptive to customer trends and feelings.

Newest Fashion Trends to Look For

Let’s have a look at certain fashion initiatives that we believe are making a big contribution to the industry’s transition to a modern, more workable system.


Patagonia isn’t exactly a household name in the fashion world. It works to be a pioneering leadership in the industry’s shift due to the toxic and irresponsible methods. The California-based apparel brand was one of the first to advocate for normative sustainability in the fashion industry.

Sourcing playground

Sourcing playground is an internet marketing (B2B) sourcing platform that connects fashion brands with environmentally friendly clothing producers.


UPTY is a massive internet preloved clothes retailer that sells like-new clothing at up to 90% off projected retail pricing. The real intention to crew cut the fashion industry’s environmental impact by embracing the sustainable and scalable economy and fostering the idea of reducing, reusing, and recycling is at the core of UPTY’s operation.