When watching the people walking the streets of London, you’ll notice that Britons regardless of age, are impeccably, appropriately and even, fashionably dressed. Londoners may be casual dressers but they tend to amass a collection of clothes through the years. In London and other UK cities, there are storage facilities specifically dedicated for storing wardrobes, especially for people and businesses heavily invested in the fashion industry.
Actually, the members of UK’s elite society, celebrities, artists, business executives, political and showbiz personalities, are in fact the prominent users of wardrobe storages. As a matter of fact, providers of storage facilities for these types of customers have levelled up their services by offering not just ordinary storage, but smart storage to boot.

What Makes Smart Wardrobe Storage Different?

The quality of clothes being stored by the wealthy or fashion houses require smart wardrobe storages. While it’s a given that a wardrobe storage housing the garments must maintain controlled ambient environments, different materials of clothing articles that may include genuine animal furs and animal skins, require different levels of climate-controlled storage. Yet that is only the basic feature, because a smart wardrobe storage also offers services according to the operations of a fashion business or the lifestyle of a storage user.

Wardrobe Management

This service includes maintenance of digital inventory and online catalogue that gives the storage user a quick reference about the garments and accessories held in smart storage. Both the inventory and online catalogue are updated whenever an item is picked up or requested to be delivered, and subsequently returned for storage.
In such cases, items going in and out of the storage, undergo UV steriliuzation, while receiving the required cleaning attention before and during storage. Items that remain unused while in storage, also receive due care and attention.

Clothes Storage Optimization by Selling Unused Items

Wealthy individuals who have lost track of their clothes collection and running out of storage spaces can avail of services for wardrobe storage’s optimization. The most popular is a premium service of recommending the disposal of certain clothing items. The service includes giving proper valuation in accordance with their fair market value.
This service aims to help wardrobe owners optimise the capacity of their smart wardrobe storage. Still the wardrobe owner may prefer not to sell and simply decide to rent another smart wardrobe storage unit for new garment storage additions.
It’s worth mentioning that the town of Horsham in West Sussex is a popular location in which to sell preloved garments. This town has civic organizations interested in buying high street quality preloved garments at bargain prices, to use as content of a clothes library.
A clothes library offers garment examples to researchers, of how intricate and unique pieces if clothing articles were made. Usually, aspiring dressmakers and fashion designers search a clothes library for garments they can use as reference.
Some others study examples of garment materials that can be improved in order to make the clothes they manufacture more sustainable or useful in some other ways. After all, the fashion industry is touted as the second largest pollutant as a result of the so-called fast fashion.