The new trend now in the fashion industry is the use of plant-based leather products. Well, this is such a good idea as this product is highly attractive and, most of all, a big contribution to the economy. This tends to be a result of the emerging problem of the leather industry in the world of fashion.

There arises the carbon footprint, pollution, animal welfare, and health issues of the workers. With that in mind, fashion companies are now seeking for this immediate alternatives to tanning practices. It is an innovative trend which gives full credits to its climate-friendly and cruelty-friendly approach.

Examples of Plant-based Leather Alternatives

Plant-based leather is generally 100% bio-based. There are plenty of examples of it and numbers of fashion companies are utilizing it to make a high-end fashionable clothing.

Pineapple Leaf Fiber

One of the best example of this plant-based leather is popularly known as Piñatex®. It is basically a byproduct of the current harvest from pineapple.

Cactus-Based Textiles

Desserto® is the brand name of prickly pear which is made from the organic material of Nopal cactus. It is highly sustainable and generally environment-friendly. 

Virgin and Recycled Fiber

MIRUM is a product of virgin and recycled fiber material. 

This plant-based material provides the minimum impact to the economy and ecology.