Until recently, they were primarily to be found in the home. Leggings were considered incredibly comfortable, but they weren’t items of clothing that we would have liked to present on a stroll through town, just as they weren’t for training pants. Thanks to new styles and cuts, that has changed and cool leggings have become an indispensable part of the cityscape. We present the hottest parts.

Slit leggings for a stylish appearance

Leggings that look like thick tights are a thing of the past. Today, comfortable trousers can score with various fashionable details, such as a slit on the ankle. This small change emphasizes your slim ankle, it makes the leggings look like a real fashion statement in one fell swoop.

It is important that the leggings are combined with the right accessories. The slit draws the viewer’s attention to your feet, which should therefore not be put in sneakers or chunky boots. Elegant pumps, also in bright colors, are better.

If you choose leggings with a slit, you should avoid socks if possible. Skin-colored tights are definitely an alternative.

Elegant leggings and shoes, the rest of your outfit should also match this approach. A light brown blazer, for example, looks good combined with a black turtleneck with white polka dots. If you compliment this outfit with a small handbag in friendly colors, you can even take your leggings to the opera.

With a bit of luck, you will find a very casual addition to black leggings with a slit in your loved one’s wardrobe: a white oversized men’s shirt forms a perfect alliance with the leggings. If you then reach for open white shoes with heels, you are perfectly styled for the next girls’ evening.

Bridge leggings – suddenly cool

They were the 1980s nightmare – gym shorts with a bridge. No PE teacher could explain the point of these strange clothes, but everyone had to wear them. Now leggings with a bridge are returning as a trend that suddenly also makes sense in terms of fashion. The bar ensures that the leggings sit tightly on the leg, which makes your legs look longer. If you then reach for high heels, your legs look infinitely long.

The bridge is a funny optical detail that should also be shown. Shoes with a wide neckline, but which can still have a high heel, are therefore ideal. As a reminiscence of the physical education classes of yesteryear, you could also combine the leggings with sneakers, which should also attract attention with funny details so that your look doesn’t look stuffy. Sneakers with a black and white check pattern, for example, are an excellent fit.

If you take your leggings with a bar in high heels for a walk, the rest of the outfit can also be stylish. A tight black top that is complemented by a chic black leather jacket would be cool. If you also carry an elegant handbag in black, you will become a shopping queen in no time. If, on the other hand, you have decided on sneakers, it can be a little more casual. How about a wide-cut, short gray sweatshirt, for example, under which the belly button can peek out? Add a red college jacket to it, and you’ve already copied the trendy 80s style perfectly, without having to show yourself on the street in ugly gym shorts with a bridge.