Bagge is a Middle English word derived from the Old Norse word baggi, which means “bag, pack, satchel, bundle,” and is related to the Old Norse word bggr, which means “harm, shame; load, burden.

Bags, even with their simple structure, have been crucial to the growth of modern civilization. Since they enable individuals to easily gather materials like fruits or small grains, as well as transfer more items than they can carry in their hands.


Handbags for Various Occasions

Tote bags

Tote bags are an easy pick for college students and employed women. These extended bags are incredibly helpful. A tote bag is large enough to fit everything you require for a long day.


Clutch Purse

It’s a small purse that is suited to your palm. Clutch purses provide limited space for essential cards and cash. A clutch bag can match your outfit and make you look stylish.



These bags are an acceptable option. Everyone carries a large backpack that can hold everything from netbooks to documents to apparel. These bags are breathable and keep your hands free. If you are a pupil, mom, or working woman, a backpack is perfect for a trip or even your commute to work.